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Aculabs provides laboratory services to the long-term care community within our four state radius. Over 40 years of dedicated service to this population gives a unique advantage in developing programs to benefit your patient.


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Pay cuts could wipe out labs, hurt nursing homes

The below information is taken from an article at www.mcknights.com

When it comes to worries about how Medicare doctors will be paid, nursing home operators have thought they should stand at the front of a long and anxious line. Truth be told, they have some stiff competition for the “most nervous” title.
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We have received several inquiries with regard to Pennsylvania's Act 122. Please be advised we are investigating....

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** Screening for Flu. **

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Agreement on Debt Talks: Health Groups Dislike Proposals

WASHINGTON — Budget negotiators have not found a way to avert a government default on federal debt obligations, but with their ideas to cut Medicare and Medicaid they have managed to provoke opposition from almost every major group that represents beneficiaries and health care providers.

The latest provocation was a list of proposed savings presented at the White House this week by the House majority leader, Representative Eric Cantor, Republican of Virginia. Learn More

-updated 07/13/2011

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Hepatitis c etc.

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